Prayer Requests

Welcome to the Prayer Center! Prayer is intended as a focal point of our relationship with God - as well as an expression of our concern and love for one another. When we reach-out to one another through prayer, we are recognizing that, as members of God's family, we share an interest in, and a responsibility for, one another - and for the community, and the environment, and the world around us. Through our prayers, we make known to God, and to one another, that special need of our heart and soul, and in exchange, we build and develop the bonds of a spiritual life and we discover the deeper mystery of God's love.
The spiritual life allows us to experience that the same God who lovingly embraces all people has counted every hair of our heads (see Matthew 10:30), and that same God who cares for everyone without exception, loves each individual with an exceptional love. The deeper our prayer becomes the closer we come to this mystery of God's love. And the closer we are to this mystery the better we can live it out in our daily life

Henri J.M. Nouwen ["Lifesigns"]

I need prayer for a special need.
Possibly a prayer of love, or a prayer of thanksgiving, or a prayer for healing, or a prayer for comfort, or a prayer for peace, or a prayer for forgiveness. Whatever our special need, and our special prayer, God assures us that He hears both our requests for help and our messages of thanks - and He reminds us that we are never alone, and that we shall never be forgotten.

Prayer Works! So, think about a special prayer, today!

Alleluia! Christ is risen!
The Lord is Risen indeed! Alleluia!