For most of us, we have a box (somewhere), hidden in a basement corner, which holds "a lot of general stuff".  It's not really organized in any specific way ... it's just there, and it collects, and stores, a whole bunch of different things.  Well, the RISEN Café is a similar place ... it contains various menus that need to fit somewhere, but don't really fit into our 'other' categories. So .....




If you would like to read about upcoming events, bake and book sales, requests for help or assistance, and (generally) what's happening with people in our community, check-out the 'Bulletin Board'. 

If you would like to see our photo library, check-out the 'Gallery'.

Please feel free to browse our 'Whats New' section.

And, if you are interested in our newsletter — 'Rejoice!' — check-out our 'Newsletter' section.

The RISEN Café is a place that always has room for new, and other, 'things'.  Let us know if you would like to see some additional categories, menus or ideas.  We always have room for 'more stuff'.




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