Our Beliefs

The basis of all Lutheran teachings is the Bible. Martin Luther and the other reformers wrote a series of documents answering accusations that their teaching was contrary to commonly held beliefs and practices of the 15th Century church. These defenses and arguments, based upon the Bible and collectively-known as The Lutheran Confessions, were presented before a series of theological gatherings. Eventually, they were compiled into The Book of Concord. These texts comprise the doctrine and confession of the Lutheran Church.

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Who are Lutherans?

Lutherans take their name from Martin Luther, an Augustinian Monk and theologian in 16th century Germany. He believed that the church was ignoring or contradicting important teachings of Christ, and that it had become corrupt as an institution.

Because his convictions were deeply felt, in 1517 he published 95 theses [statements] for discussion and debate within the church. His aim was to reform the church so that Christ's gospel was restored to the central position in the church's life and teaching.

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How do Lutherans worship?

As Lutheran services are conducted in many different languages, cultures and countries, there are inevitably variations in expressions and styles of worship. Generally, however, Lutheran services are in the 'catholic' tradition, following the ancient liturgies and observing historic usage. Music has always been an important part of Lutheran worship - services are often sung and instrumental music is common. There have been many great Lutheran composers who wrote prolifically for their churches - perhaps Bach and Mendelssohn are the best known.


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What do Lutherans Believe?

Lutherans profess the historic creeds* of the Christian church, which proclaim that God is a Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - the Creator, Saviour and Comforter of all that exists. As a Lutheran, we believe that the Holy Bible, both the Old and New Testament, is in all its words the inspired Word of God and, consequently, true and trustworthy.

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How do Lutherans relate to other Christians, and to non-Christians?

Christ Risen Lutheran Church [along with Our Saviour Lutheran Church (Ottawa) and many other Canadian Lutheran churches] is a member of Lutheran Church - Canada, a fellowship comprised of congregations, pastors, and deacons committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our confessions and practices are based on the foundation of God's Word in Jesus Christ, God's only Son. In more than 325 congregations, from British Columbia to New Brunswick, this message is proclaimed in word and action, reaching outward beyond the walls of the church sanctuary into communities and neighbourhoods of towns, cities and villages across Canada.

On a global level, the Lutheran church has been engaged in productive discussions for many years with the Roman Catholic Church, which has helped the two churches to deepen their understanding and appreciation of each other.

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Alleluia! Christ is risen!
The Lord is Risen indeed! Alleluia!