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download The Cloud of Witnesses [Hebrews 11]
Pastor Jorge Groh

15.8 MB 17:17 min
download Serenity
Pastor Larry Eifert

15.4 MB 16:48 min
download Abundant Life [Luke_12; Colossians_3]
Pastor Jorge Groh

13.7 MB 15:00 min
download Paradise: The Garden Restored
Pastor Jorge Groh

18.1 MB 19:44 min
download From Gethsemane to the Garden Tomb
Pastor Jorge Groh

14.3 MB 15:38 min
download Ruined Gardens [1Kings_21:2]
Pastor Jorge Groh

15.4 MB 16:50 min
download Eden: Planted by God [Genesis_2:4-9, 15-17]
Pastor Jorge Groh

13.8 MB 17:15 min
download Freedom under the Spirit [Galatians_5]
Pastor Jorge Groh

15 MB 16:21 min
download Slaves, Refugees, Sons [Luke_8]
Pastor Jorge Groh

13.7 MB 17:05 min
download TRINITY - God's Love in Action (Acts_2)
Pastor Jorge Groh

15.4 MB 19:13 min
download The Spreading Flame (Acts_2)
Pastor Jorge Groh

12.5 MB 15:37 min
download Ascended Though Always Present [Acts_1]
Pastor Groh

9.9 MB 14:25 min
download The Cost of Discipleship [Matthew_16:24]
Pastor Groh

13.6 MB 19:46 min
download The Gift of Discipleship [John_13]
Pastor Groh

10.5 MB 15:14 min
download The Victory Celebration [Revelation_7:9-17]
Pastor Eifert

15.4 MB 22:25 min
download Don't Fish Without a Guide [John_21:1-14]
Pastor Eifert

11 MB 15:58 min
download Imagine! [John 20:19-31]
Pastor Natzke

11.6 MB 20:20 min
download John 20:1-18
Pastor Jorge Groh

8.7 MB 12:40 min

Alleluia! Christ is risen!
The Lord is Risen indeed! Alleluia!